Shitten Bay Hike

And we've made it!

Difficulty: 5/10

Overall Rating: 4/5

Time: Approximately 1 hour each way, but save some time for snorkeling!

Elevation Gain: 83m / 272ft


This is a moderate 1-hour hike up a rocky stream bed and through scrub brush to a secluded rocky beach with a shipwreck and good snorkeling.

Getting There

Near the top of the ridge/valley

You can follow this path if you’ve never done it before, but you’d be better off going with someone who already has. Or if you have GPS, there is a track available below.

Drive to Major’s Bay. This is where the car ferry leaves for Nevis. Turn right. There is a rocky/sandy road that heads along the beach. Most cars can handle it if you get slow and it gets better after the initial rocky part.

Continue all the way along the road straight until you can’t go any further and park. Get your gear together and walk onto the beach, heading right.

This was the view a lot of the time :)The sand will turn into rocks. Continue along the rocks for maybe 10 meters and there will be a path to your right heading up the hill.

Follow this path all the way along until you are flush with the shipwreck. There are two orange markers. Turn right and head up the streambed.

Once the streambed gets hard to follow you will see two orange markers to your right. Follow a trail of markers until you get to an open area then turn left. Continue due west until you see more orange markers ahead and to your left.

Follow the markers through the brush until you get back onto the streambed heading down the other side. Follow the streambed to the shipwreck, and you’re there!


Google Maps:

GPX and KML Files:


12 thoughts on “Shitten Bay Hike

  1. Awesome hike, thanks so much for posting this. A great way to get to Shitten bay without a boat! We stayed and snorkeled until the big party boats came by.

  2. I attempted to do this hike last week and it was a complete fail. The first marker at the beginning of the hike is still there but shortly after its impossible to follow. The brush is dense and unless you have a machete and a GPS its almost impossible to complete. We were able to reach the river bed (bed creek) and follow it all the way up to the “open area” but the trail that was supposed to be on the left does not exist. We tried to make it across on our own path but eventually the dense harsh brush with abundant thorns blocked us completely no matter how we approached (had no machete) . I would avoid this trail unless you know someone that has done it before with you or if there is news of someone that renews the markers and cleared a path. The views on top are great but the snorkeling at shitten bay is NOT good to say the least (was there via boat). I recommend the bat cave hike and the vocano hike. Will attempt the dos D’anes pond hike soon. FB me at jonathan david schlossberg if you have questions.

  3. Thanks so much for this thorough overview of the hike. Despite the comment from December that the trail is impassable, we did this hike yesterday with no problems. We were able to see the orange markers on nearly the entire way. Basically, you know going into the hike (and looking at the view from the trail above) that basically you wan to head straight up and over the hill. The river bed alone would get you there. The instruction about veering away from the riverbed to the ‘open area’ and back, is quite subtle. We just followed an obviously well-trod path, and when we weren’t sure, stuck to the riverbed.

    Seeing the shipwreck for the first time is completely spectacular and worth every minute of heat and scrambling up and down rocks. We’d definitely recommend this hike!

  4. After initially taking a wrong turn, we found the path back easily by using the above route link on Google maps on our phone.

    Tip: wear shoes with thick soles, there are lots of thorny plants and occasionally they stuck through our shoes.

    Nice hike with a good reward 🙂

  5. There should be no problem following the trail now that the orange paint markers have been refreshed. 😉
    This is an easy hike, but very rewarding, mostly on rocks so sturdy shoes advised, mostly uphill or down, so take a couple litres of water.
    Shitten Bay beach is rocky as it is entirely large stones, and so not easy to walk on without shoes. This also makes it a little tricky (slippery and a bit painful underfoot) to get into the water there too, so advise wearing diver’s booties or similar if going to swim.
    Note that not only does the trail end by a shipwreck on the Shitten Bay end, but there is another shipwreck on the Majors Bay end of the walk too. If you want to find the latter (easily seen from Majors beach) on the way back from Shitten Bay, then simply follow the dry stream bed down to the shoreline at Majors Bay rather than turning left to head towards the trail entrance.

  6. Did this hike in October 2017. The hike is relatively easy to do and can be done in a short time. I did not find the path away from the beach on the way up, but when I came back I saw that I missed a huge orange mark. In general, there were quite some markers, but you shouldn’t completely rely on them. The description works fine. The turn up the riverbed is marked with a black snorkel mask. From there the path is quite clear, but walking around the riverbed brings you to the other side. It was worth to snorkel at the shipwreck, where I found a lot of fish. It took me over an hour to go and 45min to come back.

  7. Four of us did this hike in November 2017. It’s a little tricky to find the path at the beginning, but, the rest is fine, if very brushy.
    To find the trail, drive out to the end of Majors Beach as described, walk on the rocks along the water until you see an orange arrow pointing right and an orange blaze on a dead bush. Take a few steps up and then turn left pushing through some grass with a well-used path beneath your feet. Follow the traverse about 1/2 mile until you reach a rocky stream bed, with a black snorkel mask on a tree. Turn right and walk/rock hop up the stream bed. There are more orange blazes as you go up. As you descend on the other side, the path runs mostly to the right of the stream on that side.
    Shitten Bay beach is all rocks. There is a modern wreck with lots of fish underneath, and some nice rock formations with fish for snorkelers, but, no flat spots for sunbathers. Only a little shade.
    You go for the hike and the snorkeling, not for the beach…

  8. Attempted this hike in October, but it was a no go. The first rock marker with the orange arrow pointing up was misleading, as I thought it was saying to go straight up the riverbed immediately before me, instead of on the trail (that I did not see at the time) to the left, leading to the shipwreck at Major’s Bay. I climbed up the VERY steep riverbed beside the orange arrows, until I reached the rope at the top. I had a wonderful vista of Nevis. I then, however, became lost, trying to follow the shrubbery up top, attempting to head west. I felt that something was off, and retreated back down the riverbed.

    After going home, I discovered the wrong turn I made by going up, instead of left and up.

    I retried the hike at the end of November. The path on the left, now obvious to me, was well-trodden, surprisingly, and I followed the trail with no issues all the way until the shipwreck at Shitten Bay. Plenty of orange and white arrows (and peace signs) to guide you along. Snorkeling there was fun! Saw a lot of cool fish, a squid, and a nurse shark.

  9. I just did it today, it was easy and pleasant. The path can’t be clearer. The views are awesome, cute goats go along and bleat. Just don’t forget about sun protection, as you’ll be exposed to the sun most of the way, and wear proper hiking shoes. And take plenty of water of course. You’ll have a wonderful experience.

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