Radio Tower / Fischorski Trail


Difficulty: 6 out of 10 to Radio Tower; 8 out of 10 if you add in Fischorski Trail

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Time: 2 to 3 hours roundtrip to the Radio Tower (from Ross); 3 to 5 hours if also doing Fischorski Trail

Elevation Gain: 1800 feet to Radio Tower; 2000 to 2500 Fischorski Trail


Long, steep, climb up a semi-abandoned paved service road. Limited vistas, even up at the Radio Tower barring a daring climb up tower. Fishorski trail unmaintained, rugged, unmarked and difficult to follow.

Getting There

From Ross Main Gate, walk across the street into the parking lot, you will see an orange apartment house on the left. Follow this paved road. Right before the road makes a 90 turn to the right walk left behind the new construction and towards the cane road. Make a left onto the cane road and continue to follow this cane road walking towards the base of the Radio Tower.

When you are literally perpendicular with the Radio Tower you will encounter a cane road on your right that heads uphill right at the Radio Tower. Turn here. The road will be in the middle of cane grass with nothing else really around. This cane road will end at the woodline and turn into the semi-paved service road that will lead you up to the radio tower.

The Trail

The trail to the radio tower is semi paved but exceptionally steep. It is a series of switchbacks, mostly in shaded areas climbing quickly to the summit. The trail is very easy to follow; however, there is not much to see view wise from this section of the hike.

Once near the top you will emerge into an open field lined with a series of palm trees. Right before emerging into this field, on your right, you will see a machete mark on a tree. This marks the trailhead of the Fischorski Trail.

radio-tower-1For those just hiking to the Radio Tower, continue to follow the service road for another 10 to 15 minutes past this field. FYI there is no view to be had unless you are willing to actually climb the tower at least up to the first platform however this is not for the faint of heart as the tower is very old and the ladder narrow and exceptionally steep.

Fischorski Trail: The trail was cut by Marc Fischer and Christopher Javorski several years ago. The idea was to reach the peaks that can be seen in the distance from the Radio Tower looking towards the center of the island.

The trail begins on the right of the service road about 50 feet from the edge of the clearing described above. There is a single machete mark delineating where the trail begins. The trail is not maintained and rarely if ever used so there is no path to follow on the ground through the jungle. There are some blazes but they are few and far between. Recommend only attempting if you have a GPS tract of the trail or are with someone who already knows the route.
Trail is muddy, rugged and climbs quickly up to the summit of the mountains in the distance. Once to the top, you can expect, if it is a clear day to see a great view of Nevis, Frigate Bay and Basseterre.

Map and GPS

Google Maps:



1. Dog friendly but very steep and strenuous so make sure to pack plenty of water for both yourself and your pet.
2. No view unless you climb the tower.
3. A lot of construction is being done on the service road involving tree clearing and things of that sort so the blaze marking the Fischorski Trailhead may in fact be gone.
4. Fischorski Trail was never finished and it is not exactly clear where it terminates so exercise due caution to remain on the trail.


One thought on “Radio Tower / Fischorski Trail

  1. Have done this hike several times since coming to Ross this past August. Finding the semi-paved service road up the mountain proved rather tough my first time hiking it, albeit I was alone and had never done the trail before. I finally found it after several trials and errors going up random roads on my right, after having turned left from the end of the gutted cane road. The road you need to take that brings you to the semi-paved service road is the one that is just immediately past the two houses in close proximity to each other (one on your right and one on your left). If lost, don’t be afraid to ask a local that you see. The trail is very easy to navigate once you’re on the service road. Very steep in some portions and it kicked this avid Appalachian Trail hiker’s butt! The view from the top is not much of a vista as stated, though I did enjoy observing the adjacent mountain peaks. I climbed to the first floor of the radio tower, but was too scared to continue my climb up, due to rain and dampness of the ladder. Very nice hike if you enjoy a challenge. I enjoy walking to class every day and looking up at the tower, knowing I made it up there!

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