Choosing a Hike

When choosing a hike consider three things: the level of difficulty, the overall rating of the hike and the time required.

Level of Difficulty

The hikes here are rated out of 10, with 1 being a leisurely walk on mostly flat ground and 10 being a climb requiring extensive hand or rope use, scrambling, exposure to falls, and any hike that if it was any harder or exposed, you would need technical climbing gear to be safe. The rating will reflect the hardest section of the hike based on our experience, so although the first hour of a hike may be a 3 or 4, it may progress to a 7, becoming more difficult. All of the hikes assume unpaved ground, because if it was paved you wouldn’t be hiking. All hiking carries risk of injury, but a hike rated 9 or 10 carries the risk of injury if a technical mistake is made, like missing a rock or slipping and falling.

  1. Easy walk on flat ground
  2. Easy walk with mild elevation gain
  3. Easy walk with low grade but sustained elevation gain.
  4. Moderate hike with elevation gain, some logs/rocks to climb over.
  5. Moderate hike with steep sections over logs/roots/rocks.
  6. Moderate hike with sustained elevation gain/steep sections
  7. Advanced steep hike, similar to using a stairmaster for hours. Grueling.
  8. Advanced hike with possible bushwacking and short areas requiring mild scrambling or rope use.
  9. Advanced hike rope sections/scrambling and exposed areas. Small risk of injury with fall.
  10. Killer hike exposed to falls requiring careful hand use and scrambling skills. Risk injury/death with fall.

Overall Rating

If you only have the time for one hike while in St. Kitts, use the overall rating to decide. Rated out of 5, this number tells you how “worth it” the hike is. Hikes earn higher ratings by having scenic views, levels of difficulty appropriate for the reward (climbing a mountain might be difficult, but getting to the top is worth it if there’s a great view, but if it took all day and there’s a forest without a view, not good.), having historical significance, and above all being an interesting climb throughout.

Time Required

All of the listed hours needed to complete a hike are estimated, at a normal leisure pace with short breaks at waterfalls, peaks, etc for a moderate level of fitness and are round trip. Actual time will change depending on level of fitness and length of breaks taken while on the hike. If at a constant pace without breaks, it can be possible to shorten the time by a third or even half the time. The opposite is also true. If you expect to take your time, take long breaks, or have a large group, expect times to be longer. Plan for your day with the rough guide times.


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